DMX Called 'Violation Waiting To Happen' By Judge, Gets Seven More Days In Jail

Rapper currently serving 70-day sentence for parole violation.

DMX has been called a lot of things in his career: X, Dark Man, Dark Man X. But "a violation waiting to happen?" That's what a Bronx judge dubbed the rapper on Tuesday when he hit him with a seven-day sentence after X pleaded guilty to driving with a suspended license in the Bronx last April.

X (born Earl Simmons), 34, is currently serving a 70-day sentence for parole violation, stemming from a guilty plea last year to reckless endangerment and driving under the influence. He was given the extra week for a separate incident in which his SUV struck a car that then smashed into a police car (see [article id="1500288"]"DMX Arrested After Triggering Three-Car Collision In New York "[/article]). According to a report by The Associated Press, Criminal Court Judge George Villegas rejected the rapper's plea for probation, saying "I'm not going to put him on probation because he's a violation waiting to happen."

Though he was also fined $500 by judge Villegas -- who joked that his kids are such big DMX fans that they're "not talking to me anymore" -- X will be allowed to serve the seven days as part of his current jail stint.

DMX was given the 70-day sentence on November 18 after pleading guilty in October to violating the conditions of his release following a June 2004 incident at Kennedy Airport in New York, where he allegedly claimed to be a federal agent and ran his SUV through a parking-lot gate (see [article id="1514063"]"DMX Sentenced To 70 Days Behind Bars"[/article]). He originally faced 60 days, but the judge tacked on an extra 10 because the rapper showed up late to court the day before sentencing.

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