7 Signs It's Time To Take A Break From Social Media

Should you monitor how much you look at a monitor?

It’s the first thing you check in the morning and the last thing you check before you go to bed. Even in the middle of the night, getting a new notification feels like Christmas morning as your phone buzzes with the glorious news: you have a new like. (They like you! They really like you!)

Still, a part of you can’t help but wonder if you could benefit from taking a breather from other people’s selfies and self-important rants. Here are telltale signs that it’s time to log out for a minute.

You check Facebook on your phone while you’re looking at it on your computer

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Internet Addiction

It's like getting hungry while you’re eating, and it’s probably time to put yourself on a digital diet.

You recently tried to insert an emoji into a conversation


If your mouth has tried to find the words for “sunglasses smiley face,” step away from the screen and into the actual sunlight. Tell your virtual friends you’ll brb ;).

When you go out, half of your time is spent looking at your phone. The other half is spent taking pictures with it.


This party is so fun, you've spent all of it making your friends jealous that you’re there. Put the phone down and live the life you want so badly to document.

You’re having trouble sleeping


Researchers have determined that using technology before your bedtime is one of the main reasons for problems sleeping. Take a few days off of Twitter and Instagram to get some rest -- so that when you do jump back in the selfie game, you’ll be looking well-rested and better than ever.

You’re often jealous of your friends, rarely happy for them


Some studies have found that heavy Facebook use can lead to feelings of jealousy. This isn’t incredibly surprising, since a lot of people only post their “highlight reel” on social media. All of your friends aren’t constantly on vacation and in love and getting hired at their dream job -- it’s just that they only post about it when they are. Sign off for a bit until you rediscover an appreciation for the awesome things you have in your own timeline.

One of your main hobbies is "dog videos'


The one where they surprise the golden retriever with 100 tennis balls made us tear up a little too. That doesn’t change the fact that you'll never get those hours of your (human) life back. Close your laptop and consider befriending a dog that you can enjoy IRL.

Your "to do" list is less of a priority than spending extra time with Twitter/Instagram/Snapchat


All you had to accomplish today was email your summer school professor and look up flights for your trip home -- but here you are, as the sun has set on yet another day, and all you’ve done is read an article on chemtrails and look through all of the photos of your ex's brother's graduation. Click out of that window so you can get things checked off your chore chart for once.

The idea of leaving home without your phone gives you panic sweats


Feel achey and riddled with anxiety because you now have to go an entire 45 minutes without knowing who commented on that video you posted? It's not all in your head. Some medical experts believe that being away from your smartphone may trigger withdrawal symptoms that are similar to those experienced by drug addicts, including insomnia and depression. If this rings all too clear with you, a short detox may be just what the doctor ordered.

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