Kendrick Lamar's New Album Is Apparently 'Phenomenal,' And Here's How We Know

Hot 97's Rosenberg got an early listen.

By Andres Tardio

Kendrick Lamar's next album might be one of the genre's most anticipated releases, and, thanks to Hot 97's Peter Rosenberg, we now know a little bit more about what we can expect from King Kendrick.

"Kendrick Lamar, somehow, has developed even more, gone to another level," Rosenberg, who listened to four as-yet-unheard songs off of the album, says in a new video from his "THE REALNESS" series. "He's talking about black righteousness. He's talking about Africa. There's social commentary. There's all kinds of deep thoughts."

Rosenberg, who says the album will be released in early 2015, says the songs he's heard could end up becoming some of the MC's most popular tracks.

"If this album is anything like what I heard, we are in for a treat," he explains. "It is upbeat music that is going to thrive in the club and on the radio. However, just like good kid, m.A.A.d. city, you can hear there's no attempt to make club music."

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In fact, Rosenberg says this new album has potential to surpass good kid, m.A.A.d. city.

"This next album is gonna be as good as good kid, m.A.A.d. city," he adds. "It may even be on a different and higher level."

All that sounds amazing, but what about "King Kunta"? You know, the song that HBO's Scott Vener was raving about? Rosenberg says it's as awesome as advertised. "'King Kunta' is not like anything else that's out there right now," he says. "It is, however, phenomenal."

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