Welcome To ‘Lady Problems, The Podcast’: A Teaser

The first episode, featuring Mara Wilson, airs on September 15. Until then, enjoy this li’l sneak peek.

In my weekly column, Lady Problems, I, Rachel Handler, call out Hollywood for treating women like barely-sentient trash and then offer eminently reasonable solutions to the issues at hand. Over the past six months, I've solved some of the entertainment industry's biggest problems by stranding Woody Allen on a ghost ship headed straight to Hell, replacing HBO's innumerable rape scenes with scenes of pigeons pooping, and Clockwork Orange–ing every man on earth with Sex and the City DVDs.

On September 15, we're expanding the Lady Problems Universe by widening its scope and turning it into a podcast. Every Thursday, a rotating crew of MTV News's ladies — including the brilliant Teo Bugbee and the ice-cold-bath-on-a-humid-afternoon Hazel Cills — will take all of popular culture to task for the way it treats women. We'll talk about whatever egregious bullshit is being hurled at the female population in a given week, interview celebrities and writers and all manner of hilarious women about their own projects and lady problems, answer questions about YOUR lady problems, and just generally have a great time shitting all over the #patriarchy. Our first episode, out Thursday, features the lovely Mara Wilson, who shares some amazing '90s child-star gossip and speaks movingly about what it was like to be a girl going through adolescence in an industry that refuses to let women age.

Subscribe to “Lady Problems” on iTunes, Stitcher, and Google Play. Find me, Hazel, and Teo on Twitter and say hi, and call us up with your Lady Problems at 205-677-5239 (that’s 205-677-LADY; we worked really hard for that one!).

Update: Lady Problems, the podcast, is here. Listen to it, then explain it to a man!