The Black Lips Designed A Biker Jacket That Comes Complete With A Theme Song

The accompanying video will include 'switchblade dance moves,' according to the band.

The Black Lips have been teasing us for weeks now with singles from their upcoming record Underneath The Rainbow, but there's still another track on the horizon that won't appear on the LP. And that track, friends, comes with a biker jacket. Or, rather, visa versa.

"I designed a biker jacket for this French company," bassist and vocalist Jared Swilley told MTV News. "The jacket's gonna come with a flexi [disc]."

A flexi disc is like a more flexible kind of vinyl, for those who didn't see that whole thing that Jack White did with the balloons.

According to Swilley, the song will match the jacket. "It's about this motorcycle gang I thought of," he said. "They're called the Pink Angels and they're like the toughest, badass motorcycle gang, but they're all gay guys and they just beat everyone's ass and they have a song about it."

The song does not yet have a title, but the band is currently working on a video. "I'm doing some choreography," Swilley added. "It's kind of 'West Side Story,' 'Grease' kind of stuff. But I'm working on getting the spins down, and there are some switchblade dance moves, kind of like in the Michael Jackson video where they dance-fight in the subway."

In addition to crooning about Pink Angels, the Black Lips have been rolling out songs from their seventh studio album -- due out on March 18 -- the most recent being the twangy "Justice After All." That record is also primed to come scented, according to Swilley, who told MTV News all about his grand plans to add synthetic smells to future Lips shows.

I can only imagine what a Pink Angel smells like, but I'm going to go ahead and say heaven.