Rihanna Launches First Men's Fragrance: Rogue Man

If the world smelled like Rihanna, it would be a better place, and now it looks like we’re one step closer to that reality. After teasing that a men’s fragrance was on the way last July (!), Rihanna’s Rogue Man is finally hitting shelves in September. (Guys, are you listening? This is important.)



Our favorite Bad Gal tweeted the first look at the bottle and campaign today, and it looks very luxe. Rogue Man has a shorter and wider bottle than its female counterpart and a slightly different take on the original ad campaign. Ladies got Rihanna topless, on a floor, kicking up her heels against a larger-than-life bottle. Men get Rihanna topless, steamily embracing a tattooed model. By the looks of her side-buzzed hairdo, the image was probably taken around the same time as the ladies’—meaning Rihanna just left us hanging for a year before she unleashed it, NBD.


Rogue Man

This news is just as exciting for the ladies because, as Rihanna pointed out, you'll finally be able to “wake up next to your man smelling like this!!! Makes you wanna steal his Tshirts.” All we need now is more style lessons from RiRi on how we should be wearing these men's shirts. Sigh. Fall can't come soon enough.

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