7 Things Emma Stone Needs To Do At The Golden Globes

Number one: continue to be adorable.

In case you haven't noticed via stories like this, this, and this, we here at MTV News are very enthusiastic about Emma Stone. So enthusiastic, in fact, that much of our anticipation surrounding Sunday's Golden Globes telecast is focused on her nomination for "Birdman"/general presence at the boozy event.

However, with other young starlets like JLaw and... well, pretty much just JLaw leaving such a huge mark on the Globes over the past couple of years, Stone has a lot to live up to. Here are the seven things we think she should do to make us happy during the Golden Globes.

Do a bit with Tina Fey and/or Amy Poehler.


Everybody knows by now that Tina and Amy love to clown around throughout the ceremony with various A-listers. George Clooney, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Melissa McCarthy and more have all taken part in their skits in years past, and it probably goes without saying that Stone joining in on the fun would create GIFs to last a lifetime.

Show some Spidey-PDA.


Stone and her boyfriend Andrew Garfield aren't big on media coverage of their relationship, and with good reason -- what they do behind the scenes and/or under the sheets is none of our business. But the Globes (much like "Saturday Night Live," where they famously made out in a "Spider-Man" sketch) is a nationally televised event where the cameras will be on them, so whatever the couple does will be on their own terms. It's time to own it, you two.

Make at least 27 exaggerated facial expressions.


Stone's larger-than-life facial expressions have become her trademark -- well, her trademark after her (dyed) red hair and husky voice, that is. And since award show camera reactions are often the best part, here's to hoping Stone takes a page from her gal-pal Taylor Swift's book and hams it up a little.

Walk in a straight line without falling down.


2013 and 2014 were all about charming ways to fall down, but it's time for something new. Let's make 2015 the year of successfully walking from one place to another.

If she wins, forget to thank Andrew Garfield.


No one has gone full Swank at an Awards show in quite some time. We think Stone is just the gal to do it.

Sing. (Or just lip-sync.)


Since Emma will have to take a break from her "Cabaret" run to show up at the Globes, she'll need to stay warmed up by singing and dancing, obviously. Or she can just lip-sync, which -- as she proved on "The Tonight Show" this year -- is sometimes even better.

Enjoy the open bar.


It's free.

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