Dylan And Cole Sprouse Have Some Harsh Words About Their Soccer Movie

C'mon, guys, it wasn't that bad

Before they were Zack and Cody, Dylan and Cole Sprouse played fictionalized versions of themselves in the straight-to-DVD film Just for Kicks. The movie followed Dylan and Cole, whose soccer team tanked after their dad went away on business. Tired of sucking, the boys found a new coach who was a professional soccer player.

On October 15, Twitter user @syd_zk found a copy of the film in her garage and shared the news with the Sprouse twins. But apparently, they'd rather that DVD never see the light of day.

I remember watching this movie growing up and thought it was super cute — maybe it wouldn't hold up today, but still, worse movies have been made. I mean, have you guys ever seen The Room?! It came out the same year as Just for Kicks.

Without this movie in the world, we would have never seen Dylan don glasses and complain about wanting to "cut [his] arms off." Seriously, it's art.

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