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Bill, Ted, And Kid Cudi In A Most Excellent Jacket Sparkle In New 'Face The Music' Photos

It's a time-traveling trip to save the world with music

Like, totally excellent, dude. Bill & Ted are back, and they've brought a new friend along with them.

Orion Pictures finally debuted the first photos from the hotly-anticipated Bill & Ted Face the Music, and they're looking decidedly un-bogus. The sequel to 1991's hilarious Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey, Face the Music reunites stars Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter, and adds another familiar face to the mix: Scott Mescudi, or as you might better know him, Kid Cudi.

This entry finds Bill and Ted trying to create music for their fledgling band, Wild Stallyns, which is meant to inspire the perfect society of the future. This information was divulge to them back in 1989's cult classic Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure. Ever since learning their actions would help shape humanity, they put their noses to the grindstone to figure out how to bring about a music-tinged utopia.

Orion Pictures


But while they thought they had quite a long time to worry about how to get all this accomplished, they actually have, like, zero time. As the movie stretches on, they're approached by a messenger from the future who tells them that it's imperative they figure out the music issue as soon as humanly possible – can they make the music that will save humanity by the movie's end?

We're wagering on yes, especially with Kid Cudi by their side. The rapper will be playing himself in the movie, as he gets caught up in the story as time and space "becomes unglued," according to director Dean Parisot. Luckily, they've got their daughters Billie and Thea at their side to help make sense of the situation. And if there's anything we know about saving the world with music, you definitely want to look to the youth.

Orion Pictures


These new snaps make the film look like a colorful, exciting new adventure that fans of the series won't want to miss. It'll be a while before it's time for audiences to face the music, though. It's hitting theaters on August 21, 2020.