Rick Ross Recalls 'Pressure' Of Kanye West's 'Devil In A New Dress'

'My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy' song 'one of the dopest verses I did this year,' The Boss says.

The Boss delivered in the nick of time.

According to Rick Ross, the Miami rapper gave Kanye West his verse for the revamped "Devil in a New Dress" as the deadline drew near for West to turn in the [article id="1651161"]completed[/article] My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy collection.

"I got a call, they wanted me to be a part of that record," Ross told MTV News on the red carpet at Wednesday's Soul Train Awards. "It was actually the last day before Kanye had to turn the record in, and I think that pressure just made it that much more special to me. So I just sat there, approached the record openly and as straightforward as I could. When I laid the verse, 30 minutes later, I was extremely happy. I sent it to him, and he was too. I think it was one of the dopest verses I did this year."

Ross appears on the tail end of the track, which [article id="1647229"]premiered[/article] as a part of West's "G.O.O.D. Friday" series in early September.

Originally, the song -- produced by Bink -- was sparse, with a tickling piano chord and a smooth Smokey Robinson vocal sample as West raps a slick story about love and lust.

The re-engineered "Devil in a New Dress" features a synth-heavy breakdown, complete with guitar riffs, before Ross arrives, spitting: "I never needed acceptance from you outsiders/ Had cyphers with Yeezy before his mouth wired/ Before his jaw shattered, climbing up the lord's ladder/ We still speeding, running signs like they don't matter."

Ross spent time last winter working with West on his project. The two completed Ross' "Live Fast, Die Young," and the Miami rapper appeared on West's "Monster."

In a July appearance on "RapFix Live," The Boss compared [article id="1644562"]the recording sessions[/article] to school. "It's like everybody is a student: You walk into a session, and it's all about the subject at hand," he explained.

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