Chelsea Houska Has A Brand-New Addition To Her Family

But it's probably not what you thought...

Chelsea Houska has often opted for dogs when expanding her brood, but the "Teen Mom 2" cast member just chose a different kind of pet to add to her household.

Aubree's mama -- who will be back on MTV this summer with the rest of the "TM2" gals -- took to Instagram to show off the latest addition to her family: a sweet, petite pig. So, what did C -- who welcomed the cute-as-a-button spotted swine this past weekend -- name the little nugget? A hint: She and her beau Cole DeBoer didn't go for Wilbur, like the famous character from "Charlotte's Web."

"HI PETEY," the South Dakota native captioned this clip of the mammal, who is making a bit of noise during his big video debut. "Welcome to the family beebee!" Let the chorus of oinks awws commence.

Meanwhile, P's proud papa couldn't resist sharing a snap with the small guy.

"We got our little boy finally have our pig!!" Cole added along with the image above. "Good ol Pete is home!" And looking mighty cozy with his loving owners.

Meanwhile, Aubree also managed to have a bit of bonding time with her new pal and "buddy."

Offer your congrats on the adorable addition -- and be sure to stay with MTV News for more updates on the return of "Teen Mom 2" this summer!

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