What Are Steve Aoki, Calum Hood, And Blink-182 Working On Together?

Are 5 Seconds of Summer and Blink-182 finally joining forces?

It looks like Blink-182’s next album is shaping up to be quite the collaboration.

Late last year, the pop-punk band confirmed that it was in the studio hard at work on its seventh album — its first since founding member Tom DeLonge left the band. Mark Hoppus snapped a pic of DeLonge’s live replacement Matt Skiba in the studio about six months ago, and now even more big names have been spotted with the band in the studio.

Steve Aoki tweeted a photo of himself with Hoppus, Travis Barker, producer John Feldmann, and Calum Hood of 5 Seconds of Summer last night (March 21). “Studio session complete,” reads the text on the photo, accompanied by a string of fire emojis.

So what exactly is going on here? Are we getting the 5SOS/Blink-182 supergroup we’ve always dreamed of? Is Aoki helping Feldmann produce the whole thing?

We know that Feldmann produced both of 5SOS’s studio albums, and that Aoki has been a fan of Blink-182 for a while — he even worked with Barker on a few tracks, like the 2011 single “Misfits.”

As for the 5SOS/Blink overlap, we know that the Aussies covered Blink’s “I Miss You” in their earliest days of being a band.

Sounds like this collaboration has been brewing for a long time — now we just need to hear it.