People Are Paying $10 To Tap A Cactus For Good Luck

The Lucky Cactus app is like Felix Felicis on your phone.

Still feeling unlucky from last week's Friday the 13th? Did you forget to forward that email chain letter you got 10 years ago to everyone you've ever met?

The Lucky Cactus app is here to make up for all the bad luck you've accumulated over the last decade. The $10 -- yes, $10! -- app supposedly increases your luck every time you tap on its virtual illustration of a cactus. K.

Lucky Cactus


The app, which is available for iOS and Android, has almost a full 4-star rating in the App Store. The reviews sing praise to its authenticity:

"I didn't really expect it to work at first. The night that I downloaded the app I didn't think much of it so I just tapped the cactus a dozen or so times thinking to myself 'let something lucky happen to me.' Fifteen minutes later, my classes the next day are cancelled."

"I thought it was a joke. But it's crazy because after I downloaded it.. I started receiving crazy amounts of friend requests on Facebook. My fan club went from getting 20 likes max on a photo to 180 likes on every picture I post it to was insanely crazy."

Twitter, meanwhile, has mixed reactions and feedback:

This whole shindig reminds me of Felix Felicis, aka Liquid Luck, from the "Harry Potter" book series. Whoever drinks the potion is supposed to become insanely lucky. In "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince," Harry pretends to spike Ron's drink with Felix before a big Quidditch game. Ron, believing he was bestowed with a hearty dose of good luck, went on to absolutely kill it as Gryffindor's Keeper. After the game, Harry revealed he had never actually put anything in Ron's drink, so Ron's badass moves were entirely his own doing. Ron became confident in his skills simply because he thought he consumed Felix Felicis. It's the placebo effect at it's best, everyone.

Similarly, the app's description on its App Store page reads "What is the Lucky Cactus? It is a state of mind." Just like liquid luck (sorta) worked its magic on Ron, maybe the Lucky Cactus can turn your bad day around, too.

Or, ya know, you could spent that $10 on something far more productive. Just saying.