Katy Perry's Hair: Why So Blue?

Perry's hair colorist weighs in on the pop star's ever-changing locks.

Over the weekend, Katy Perry debuted another shade of [article id="1678100"]blue hair in Las Vegas[/article]. The newer, bluer hair was more turquoise than the look she had sported weeks before on the set of an [article id="1677278"]Adidas commercial[/article].

Katy is constantly changing her hair color from black to blond to pink, and seemingly every shade in between. These days, however, it seems she's settled on blue. So, when MTV News spoke to her longtime hair colorist, Rita Hazan, she gave us the low-down on why Ms. Perry is feeling so blue these days.

"Of course, being Katy, she is a lot more edgy and she's cooler and she likes to take a lot of risks. And I love that she's like, 'I'm feeling a little blue, let's go blue' -- not in her energy, just in her hair color," Hazan explained to MTV News about the pop star's current hair-color choice. "I felt like it's the perfect color for her because her eyes are blue and she has the perfect skin tone to be a really vibrant, really cool, intense blue."

When Hazan first heard about Perry's decision to deepen her locks to blue, she wanted her to be a "cobalt blue, muted cobalt blue; it's really cool. It took me three days to come up with this color. I'm so obsessed with it. It's like the wallpaper for my iPhone."

Since then, the color has lightened up a bit, but regardless of the shade, the hair still has everyone buzzing. "I was shocked by all the crazy reactions that people had to the blue 'cause I thought going from black to pink would have been the major reaction people would have," she said. "But I kind of like that people are loving the blue 'cause I'm obsessed with blue. So any shade of blue, I'm loving. I know it's not natural, but it sort of works in a natural way."

Of course, her hair color might have something to do with her recent [article id="1676631"]split from Russell Brand[/article]. Kimberley Pierce, a colorist at Ion Studio in New York City, explained that she's seen many a newly single chick come in and change up their mood with some new hair color.

"They'll come in for a consult and say, 'My boyfriend and I just broke up and I want brown hair' and they're a blonde," she said, adding that she usually has some advice for those rash decisions. "The best thing we can do for them is tell them to try a wig on first."

Whatever Katy's reason for the shocking, eye-catching color change, Pierce added that it really works for her.

"I kind of like that she got away from the pink because I feel like we've seen that so much. With the blue, it's more vibrant and definitely she's on her own with it," she said. "She's kind of all the way in with the blue. She's kind of this candy-coated sort of person. So I guess blue would be the natural transition, or purple. It's nice to see her experiment with different things."

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