'Sex And The City 2' Stylist Patricia Field Describes Her Desert Inspiration

'Well, they were in a new location and it was a fabulous vacation,' stylist says of her over-the-top looks.

It's been 12 years since "Sex and the City" premiered on HBO, and franchise [article id="1601978"]stylist Patricia Field[/article] is as skilled as ever at having fans scramble to get the latest [article id="1639821"]looks worn by Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte[/article]. And while the women seem more settled in their personal lives in "Sex and the City 2," their looks have gotten almost more over-the-top than before.

When Field sat down to dream up the looks for the second movie, in which a lot of the action takes place in Abu Dhabi (by way of Morocco), she knew she'd have to up the fashion ante.

"There's a new script, and the script is my first inspiration, and hopefully in the script I will get the strike," Field told MTV News at the movie's premiere on Monday, where Kristin Davis dished that her favorite "SATC 2" look was the black Oscar de la Renta ball gown she wore to [article id="1640106"]Anthony and Stanford's wedding[/article].

Though the show and the first movie have featured adventures in Mexico, L.A. and Paris, Field knew that venturing to a place as glamorous and opulent as [article id="1639999"]Abu Dhabi[/article] meant something completely different.

"Well, they were in a new location and it was a fabulous vacation, so when you're going on a fabulous vacation -- I don't know if you ever have, but I have -- [and when I have], I'm anticipating the most fabulous vacation," she said. "I pack my clothes [thinking], 'Wow, I'm gonna be, like, the guest of the sheik and [in] the palace with butlers and limos and private planes and camels and the desert.' So, I imagine where I'm going and get all excited and run and get all my wardrobe together, so that when I'm in the desert [it's like], 'Ahhhh!' "

While the first movie saw the return of Carrie's famous tutu from the series' opening credits, this sequel will show Carrie in the Galliano/Dior newspaper dress that sparked a trend back in season three. So, why that dress? "Do you have a better one?" she challenged. "So, that's the answer!"

What do you think of the fashions in the new flick? Which look is your favorite? Tell us in the comments!

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