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Simple Plan Taking Their Time On New LP, But Promise To 'Blog Like Hardcore Nerds'

'Please be patient ... it's coming,' band says on Web site.

By their own admission, the guys in Simple Plan weren't exactly chomping at the bit to begin work on the follow-up to their Still Not Getting Any ... album, pledging to spend the majority of 2006 "sleeping and relaxing."

And it looks like they've kept their word -- kind of.

Because after finally wrapping the Getting Any promotional cycle earlier this year, SP decided to take some time off and enjoy life at home (see "Simple Plan Won't Let A Few Numb Teeth Stop Them From Touring"). And judging from the contents of drummer Chuck Comeau's MySpace blog -- which is chock full of updates on his hockey prowess ("I played two games back to back on Sunday," he wrote. "Scored a hat trick in the first game") and his recent birthday festivities -- they've been doing just that.

But into every working band's life a little responsibility must fall, and for Simple Plan, it looks like their vacation is finally coming to an end. According to Comeau, the band have begun work on the follow-up to the million-selling Getting Any, though they're doing it at their own rather unique pace.

"I know some of you have been wondering what we've been up to over the last few months. Well ... aside from playing hockey, we've been writing new songs every single day since we stopped touring," he wrote in his blog on Simple Plan's MySpace page. "Writing a record is not the easiest thing in the world, and we're working our asses off to make sure we bring you an album that we will be proud of and that hopefully you will love.

"It was hard at first because we had to try to figure out what we wanted to say and where we wanted to go with the music," Comeau's entry continued. "But we're finally getting into a groove right now and it's starting to really come together. I'm really excited about the new music. I can't wait for you guys to hear it. Please be patient ... it's coming."

When? Comeau doesn't say, and while there is no timetable for the album's release, an Atlantic Records spokesperson told MTV News that the Plan's, um, plan is to enter the studio in November.

Whenever SP does enter the studio, Comeau promises that they'll keep fans posted through their MySpace blog, a responsibility which he said the band will attack with all the intensity they're presumably attacking those new songs -- which may or may not be a good thing.

"Starting today, we're gonna start to blog like hardcore Microsoft nerds. We're gonna become the Perez Hilton of band blogs," he wrote. "Well, not sure if we can blog that much, but we sure can't do worse than what we've been doing."