Ariana Grande's Ponytail Feels So Good It Just Made Her Cry

Nothing is more 'rewarding.' At least for Ariana.

Everyone has their version of a comfort blanket -- for some, it's a soft T-shirt, another person, a cuddly cat, or, well, an actual blanket. For Ariana Grande, nothing is more comforting than her luscious ponytail.

"putting my hair back in a pony after wearing it down straight for literally one day is so rewarding i could cry lol," she confessed on Twitter.

Tell it, girl.

Now, yeah, Ariana's hair-down struggle might be a little more emphasized than the average person's (hello, 10 pounds of extensions). But you have to admit, when you throw your hair up after a day of brushing it out of your face, it's a damn good feeling.

So pony up, Grande, and get in that comfort zone.

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