Squirrel Superheroes Are the Highlight of Your Tuesday

You guys, it is only Tuesday.

And Tuesday is almost worse than Monday because you're no longer rested up from the weekend — unless you were one of those select few peeps who got Columbus Day off — and yet there's still so much week left.

So, we here at the net's most entertaining film site would like to offer you a condolence laugh or two by way of a squirrel photoshopped into your favorite superheroes and other iconic film characters. Of course.

That's right, while we can't speed up the weekend any faster, we can offer you this rodent-induced smile sesh. Snaps to our pals at Geekologie for scouting out this piece of wonderful photoshop wizardry.

We'll start with Bat Squirrel perched on a tree, signaling to warn others not to even try to come near his acorn stash.

Squirrel, Squirrel Superhero, Batman, The Dark Knight

And let's not overlook the hammer-wielding "Thor" version of the scurry scamp, who'll bring down the lightning wrath of Odin on your tail if you even try to step near his tree stump.

Squirrel Superhero, Thor, THor: The Dark World

Use the force for good, this Yoda Squirrel does (not).

Squirrel, Yoda, Star Wars, Star Wars: Episode VII, Star Wars Yoda, Squirrel Superheroes

And here we have Iron Squirrel who's allllmost as adorable as those Iron Kids.

Squirrel Superheroes, Iron Man

Finally, get a load of Neo Squirrel. He's all up in the code feed and ready to play some Matrix-y tricks on YOU.

Squirrel Superheroes, The Matrix

Feel better yet?

If not, head to Geekologie to check out even more of this nutty goodness.

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