Justin Bieber Reveals One Thing That 'Doesn't Get Old' On Tour

Bieber has some confessions about those 'loud, screaming' fans in new trailer for 'Believe.'

A Justin Bieber show is a spectacle, complete with pyro, costume changes, killer dance moves and even wings that allow the singer to fly. And while there's never a minute for the fans to lose interest in what's happening in front of them, it's a fair question to wonder whether Bieber ever gets bored of his gigs.

In a brand-new clip from his upcoming concert documentary "Believe," out Christmas day, the pop star answers that question candidly.

"Bored? No. Maybe if my fans weren't screaming so loud, I would get bored. But they're screaming so loud and they're so excited and I see so many smiles; so many people crying of happiness," a smiling Bieber shares in the teaser, released on Friday (December 13). "That doesn't get old. How could it ever get old?"

The film not only includes candid confessions from the 19-year-old, but also footage from his Believe Tour, which wrapped up earlier this week with a surprise show in the Philippines. (Bieber has been urging his fans to donate to the region after typhoon Haiyan killed nearly 6,000 people and displaced millions.)

With opening day for "Believe" slated for December 25, MTV News recently chatted with director Jon Chu, who also worked with the singer on 2011's "Never Say Never." Although Bieber is obviously the subject of the film, he revealed who the real star of the flick is.

"It said everything about our movie that we didn't have to say out loud," Chu recalled of Bieber's sporting a mustache during filming. "It said, 'He can grow a 'stache now, he will, and even if you ask him not to, he will continue to grow it. He is still that rebellious troublemaker; he's still charming as hell."

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