Miley Cyrus Wants Wayne Coyne On Instagram - Here's How You Can Help!

Keep the Flaming Lips frontman on Instagram -- and keep the photo-sharing service weird.

We've got a cause for you today, friends -- a plea to help save rock 'n' roll. A cause to unite Smilers and Freaks the world over. Interested? Read on.

Everyone knows that getting kicked out of places denotes a true rockstar: hotels for trashing 'em, bars for brawling, pet stores for baby-talking the merchandise. (Just me? Moving on...)

Well, we already knew Wayne Coyne from the Flaming Lips was a rock star -- what with that song embedded in a skull and, you know, his extensive career -- but throw in the copious amounts of times Coyne has been kicked off of Instagram and you best get the R & R Hall of Fame on the phone because dude is legendary.

Well.....been kicked off Instagram again... New name is @Wayneflaminglip69 .... Ha ha... Sorry.....

— Wayne Coyne (@waynecoyne) April 26, 2014

The Lips frontman's most recent heave-ho happened over the weekend.

Coyne himself was peeved about the censorship, tweeting, "Well.....been kicked off Instagram again... New name is @Wayneflaminglip69 .... Ha ha... Sorry....." but Miley Cyrus was full-on PO'd.

"STOP KICKING @wayneflaminglip69 OFF F---ING INSTAGRAM! #letsstartariot #hippyriot #freakz #floydfriday #everyday," she wrote on Instagram, posting a photo of a plastic alien reclining on her famous tongue.

Note: The Instagram Coyne listed is no longer active.

If you're wondering why Miss "We Can't Stop" is going to bat for Wayne, Coyne and Cyrus have recently been getting buddy-buddy. The "Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots" singer made a few cameos on the Bangerz tour and the duo have been recording together.

They're also both pretty famously free with their bodies and words. Consequently, I don't expect the Lips frontman to cease with the salacious snaps -- once he secures a functioning Instagram account, that is.

“I think we all would agree that in lieu of what is considered real, horrible problems in the world, just showing pictures of people without any clothes on seems pretty silly," he told MTV News in a previous interview on the subject. "What’s the big deal here? But that’s the world I live in and a lot of people don’t live in that world. It’s a much more conservative world.”

Therefore, I think it high time to join Miley's crusade and make Instagram a safe place for freaks and weirdos the world over. Yup, I'm proposing we petition to give Wayne Coyne Instagram immunity.

Sign here if you think Wayne shouldn't have to put a filter on his filters.

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