John Stamos Gripes About The Olsen Twins In First 'Unauthorized Full House Story' Clip

How rude.

Drop everything you're doing right now because the first clip for Lifetime's "Unauthorized Full House Story" movie is here. For those of you (Who are we kidding? US) who could barely contain all the unbridled joy that came when Lifetime aired its "Unauthorized Saved By the Bell Story," this is going to be a must-see event for sure.

The first clip features Justin Gaston as John Stamos, in all his greasy-haired glory, complaining to his boss about the Olsen Twins' performance as baby Michelle.

"We love the twins, but is there any way you can find babies who are a little more comfortable on-stage?" he asks the showrunner, who responds with a sassy variation of Michelle's "You got it dude" and blows him right off.

Then, Justin Mader as Dave Coulier steps in with something about a friend who trains dogs because babies and poodles? SAME, sure. Then Stamos insists the girls are a big problem for everyone, and ... that's when things get super awkward.

"I say we hire a bunch of strippers and install a pole right here," adds Garrett Brawith's Bob Saget. Yes. And he obviously wasn't very well versed in the hearing capacity of curious children -- unless he was, which makes it even weirder -- because the comment was loud enough for young Jodie Sweetin (Dakota Guppy) to overhear and ask innocently, "What's a stripper?"

"Hopefully a career path you will never have to follow," he answers, invoking the well-deserved ire of his boss. YIKES. And here we thought Saget kept his chill on the set of "Full House" for the sake of the kids.

It's already sooooo good. "The Unauthorized Full House Story" airs on Lifetime Aug. 22 at 8/7c. Go ahead and pencil that one in.


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