7 'Pretty Little Liars' Theories We Can't Stop Obsessing Over

Is Aria "A?" Who is Charles DiLaurentis?! We're dying for answers over here!

"Pretty Little Liars" can be a confusing show. With so many clues packed into each episode, it can take weeks, sometimes MONTHS, to unpack everything. And with every answer, there's always 20 or so more questions.

And then, of course, comes the speculation. Who is "A?" Could there be multiple "As?" How does "A" fund all of these elaborate gAmes? Why don't the Liars go to the police? Why are the Rosewood P.D. so terrible? Does Ali have a twin? Is Mona alive? And so on and so forth. But how many of these theories actually hold any weight?

We decided to look into some of our favorite -- and craziest -- "Pretty Little Liars" theories to determine their validity. Stick with us, "PLL" fans, we're about to go down the rabbit hole.

Hanna is "A."

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Hanna on Pretty Little Liars

We've already established that Hanna is the secret genius of the group. A master at forging handwriting, tailing people and acing the SATs, Hanna is a lot smarter than she lets on. Plus, we know that someone stole the "A" game from Mona in season three, and Hanna was one of the people who visited Mona in Radley, so there's an obvious connection. It's entirely possible that Mona and Hanna schemed together in seasons one and two before Mona was shipped off to Radley. Not to mention, Hanna is blond, which may connect her to Mona's death.

Mona is alive.

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Mona on '

Okay, now this reveal would be seriously effed up. It's not that we don't miss Mona -- homegirl was the only person in Rosewood who had the "A" game figured out -- but if the Powers That Be can't even commit to Mona's death, then who's to say they can commit to one "A?" That being said, there have been major clues in recent episodes that point to Mona's survival. One, whoever attacked Mona knew where those "hidden" cameras were. Two, Mike told the Liars that Mona planned to fake her death for "A." She collected vials of her own blood to use for the occasion. And three, Mona was too smart to get herself killed. We wouldn't be surprised if Mona shows up in the creepy dollhouse.

Ali has a twin.

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Ali, Pretty Little Liars

It's time to bury this theory once and for all. "Pretty Little Liars" boss Marlene King has pretty much confirmed that the TV show wasn't going to follow the same plot as the book series, particularly in reference to the reveal of Courtney DiLaurentis -- AKA Ali's twin sister who was actually killed the night Ali disappeared. However, that hasn't stopped the writers from trolling us all season long with twin theory clues. Clearly, someone in Rosewood has a twin, but we're 100 percent sure it's not Ali. Jason, on the other hand, is a different story. We've long suspected that Bethany Young, the young girl who was murdered the night Ali faked her death, was Jason's twin sister. Because whatever happened to Bethany -- and the night it all went down -- involved both the DiLaurentis and the Hastingd families.

Maya is alive and working for "A."

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Maya St. Germain, Pretty Little Liars

We find this one really hard to justify, TBH, but seeing how we never saw Maya's body, anything could happen in Rosewood. Also, Maya was always a little shady. When she was sent to True North, a rehab-meets-reform school, she acted extremely distant to her girlfriend Emily. She ignored most of Em's calls, then popped up in Rosewood, mysteriously out of nowhere. Could she have been doing "A"'s dirty work during her time at True North? Plus, Maya lived in Ali's house and had access to her stuff. At one point before we learned that Ali was alive, we saw a blonde in Maya's window. Was that Ali? Or was Maya trying on a blond wig? It's mighty mysterious for someone to strut around her bedroom in a blond wig. Unless, of course, it was some sort of disguise... for doing dirty "A" deeds.

Charles DiLaurentis is "A."

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This recent "Pretty Little Liars" theory is the closest thing we've come to an actual "A" reveal -- sorry, Toby and Ezra -- in three seasons. When Aria, Spencer and Emily went to look for clues in Mona’s house, they found out her room had been ransacked. "A" left a snarky "Finders keepers, losers weepers" note to throw them off the trail, but Aria insisted they keep looking. And that’s when Spencer discovered a typewritten index card hidden inside Mona’s hand mirror. It read: "Chandelier’s rituals/Sister launched lair/A ruler’s list chained." Each line is an anagram for "Charles DiLaurentis." If you're anything like us, dear "PLL" fans, then you're probably wondering who the eff is Charles DiLaurentis. Well, it's possible this person is "A" and that Mona knew it and left it as a clue for the Liars. And we're going to go out on a limb and suggest that Charles is someone we've already met and that he probably goes by another name in Rosewood... like Toby Cavanaugh, maybe?

Andrew is helping "A."

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Andrew PLL

We're pretty convinced Andrew is working for "A." The fact that he "saved" the Liars from Cyrus Petrillo was our first clue. Sure, he may just be a chivalrous kind of guy, but what was he waiting around for? Was he spying on them? Yes, of course he was. Not to mention he's an expert-level pathfinder, which means he can navigate his way around a spooky, wooded area like a pro. And he knows how to use a bow. That probably came in handy when "A" put targets on Caleb and Ezra's backs.

Aria is "A."

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Aria on '

The internet has long suspected Aria was "A," and honestly after mulling all of these other possibilities, nothing would be as satisfying as Aria being “A.” We mean NOTHING. Let’s go over the facts. The texts from "A" don’t start until Aria comes back from her time abroad in Iceland. Plus, Aria has also gotten the reputation of being "the best liar" on more than one occasion. And then there was that time Mona hid an acronym in the sentence, "Miss Aria, you’re a killer, not Ezra’s wife." Interesting choice, right? Mona was always one step ahead, and we wouldn’t be surprised if she knew about Aria's bAd behavior. That, and we're pretty much convinced Aria is the mysterious Varjak. One does not simply wear cat jackets unless there was a deeper meaning involved! (Okay, so maybe we're actually starting to go a little crazy.)

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