Being Chased By Robots? Here Are 17 Surefire Ways To Get Rid Of Them

*Schwarzenegger voice* follow these steps if you want to live.

Jeez, guys, what is up with the world these days? It's like you can't even walk to the grocery store without being in danger of getting gunned down by a Terminator. Well, at least, that's what it's like if you're Sarah Connor (Emilia Clarke) in the new "Terminator Genisys" movie. Just Terminators everywhere, all the time. It's exhausting.

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But you don't have to be the mother of a revolution (or dragons, lol) to stop a robot dead in its tracks -- and you'd better hope you know HOW to defend yourself for when the inevitable robot apocalypse comes to enslave us all.

Using advanced scientific methods*, we've devised a list of surefire tips for dealing with your average bloodthirsty bot:

*In this case, "advanced scientific methods" is a cypher for "our annoyingly vast knowledge of pop culture." Same thing, right?

Dump 'em in a giant vat of boiling metal.

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A time-honored classic.

Crush 'em with a hydraulic press.

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Smooshing robots isn't just a great way to stop them, it also makes them easier to recycle!

Shoot 'em right in the noggin.

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Most of the time this works! Sometimes, it doesn't. Don't take the time to figure out if it did and just keep running.

Actually, just shoot 'em everywhere.

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Might not kill it but you know what? It's really hard to crush your spin without robot arms and legs.

Freeze 'em and then shatter 'em into a billion pieces.

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freezing terminator

Of course, this is more effective if the robot isn't given the opportunity to thaw out, so let's hope you have ample freezer space.

Prevent them from existing via time paradox.

time travel

Can't be sent from the future to kill you if it never existed in the first place, right? Warning: this one is harder to accomplish than it sounds. Just ask Sarah Connor!

Explode it.


Maybe wait until you're clear of the rubble to try this one, though.

Send another robot after the first one.

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What kills a robot? A bigger robot. That's just science. RIP, Jazz.

Decapitate 'em.


But make sure you put out a tarp first, because depending on what kind of robot you're working with that could get really messy. Like with Ash from "Alien," for example.

Short circuit them with an EMP.


It's probably gonna cripple your getaway space ship, but it's useful in dire circumstances.

Beat 'em to death like the heartless thug you are.


Sometimes robots are little enough that you can just punch them into oblivion. Though be careful, sometimes they make copies of themselves.

Poison 'em.



Note: this only works with Cylon wives.

Wait for them to run out of power.


Replicants like Roy Batty have a four-year lifespan for a reason.

Convince them to intercept a nuclear missile for the good of humanity.

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iron giant

This plan involves becoming attached to the robot over a prolonged period of time and also reading comic books to it.

Explode 'em with the all-powerful infinity stone lodged in your forehead.


vision ultron avengers

Everybody's got one of those, right?... right?

Replace all their metal parts with human organs and let time and mortality do the rest.

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Robin William's robotic character in "Bicentennial Man" was so sad about being forced to watch his friends and family die that he transitioned to a biological human body -- which comes with the added benefit of inevitably shutting down at some point. It's a slow process, but this one's pretty fullproof. Humans are GREAT at dying.

Just turn 'em off, dummy.


Sometimes, roobts have an off button. Use this knowledge wisely.

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