Britney Spears And Juicy Couture Have Been Reunited, Thankfully

The Juicy renaissance is nigh

In case you've been MIA from the internet for the past few months, allow me to catch you up — Juicy Couture is back in a big way. Between Mila Kunis producing a sitcom about the brand, Kim Kardashian admitting she still owns her tracksuit, and Bloomingdale's beginning to sell velour once again, Juicy is set to be everywhere.

Now, Britney Spears has decided to include Juicy Couture in her mobile game — Britney Spears: American Dream, for the uninitiated — which, y'know, guarantees the brand's renaissance is nigh.

According to WWD, starting today you can now "buy" looks from Juicy Couture Black Label for your characters in Britney's game, which means they'll be decked out in velour before the rest of us inevitably follow suit.

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