Lady Gaga On Madonna Beef: 'I Don't Care That She Doesn't Like Me'

Gaga went on Howard Stern's satellite radio show on Tuesday (November 12) and talked about her Madonna beef and betrayal by Perez Hilton.

Sticks and stones may break bones, but Lady Gaga is determined not to let the words hurt her. During a nearly two-hour sit-down with Howard Stern on Tuesday (November 12) in which she talked to the SiriusXM host about everything from her struggle with drugs to boyfriend Taylor Kinney, Gaga tried to put an end to a couple of her longest-running celebrity feuds.

"There's not so many ways you can interpret it," she said when asked by Stern if perhaps jealousy was behind the frequent shots she's taken from pop icon Madonna over the years. "To me honestly I think she's more aggravated that I'm not upset that she doesn't like me.

Because I don't care that she doesn't like me, No, I don't care."

Madonna, who claimed in 2012 that Gaga [article id="1696977"]refused an invitation[/article]
 to perform a live duet, helped re-ignite the beef last year by playing snippets of "Born This Way" on her [article id="1690719"]MDNA tour[/article]
 to point out how similar Mother Monster's song is to her own "Express Yourself."

But she's not the only one picking fights with Gaga. Kelly Osbourne recently rebooted (and then quickly squashed) her on-and-off battle with Gaga after admittedly acting "like a child" when Mother Monster sent a peace offering birthday cake to Kelly through mom Sharon Osbourne.

When Stern asked why Gaga keeps getting into these fights with other celebs, she said they typically are not about her. "All the feuds usually ... [are about] somebody is feuding with themselves about me" she said.

He also wondered what happened between her and one-time supporter Perez Hilton. "I don't really care anymore," she said of their very public blow-up. After being a full-throated Gaga booster early on, Gaga said Hilton turned on her during the Born This Way album and tour, posting nasty things and hitting her with hurtful questions during an on-camera interview that left her in tears.

"The whole thing is really rooted in Madonna, that's the sort of center of it and nobody's really said that or admitted to it," she said of her break with Hilton. "It's silly. There's always this pissing match, 'Did she take her torch?' [and] 'Is she the new her?' 'Is she going to outlast her?' ... There's this thing with some people that I'm a threat to the throne," she said of the constant comparisons between her and Madonna.

"And I don't want your f---ing throne and no thanks. And I have my own and I don't actually want a throne at all." Gaga also played an emotional version of the [article id="1717123"]ARTPOP[/article]
 ballad [article id="1716727"]"Dope"[/article]
 on the show, explaining to Stern that what began as an ode to her Little Monsters evolved into a kind of apology note to her family, friends and Kinney for the way she acted and treated them when she was indulging in substances to dull the pain of her hip injury.