'The Walking Dead': War Is Coming In The First Look At Season 6

Not winter. War. Winter is a different show.

While we all get excited, then hesitant, then hesitant about our hesitation, then excited all over again about the upcoming "Fear the Walking Dead," it's important to remember that the OG "Walking Dead" is still coming back this fall. Thankfully, AMC just made the wait a little bit more bearable with its San Diego Comic-Con poster, which definitely suggests that some serious ish is about to go down for Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and Morgan (Lennie James) in Alexandria:



Now, this poster clearly suggests a few, very possible plot lines for season six, including...

1. Rick and Morgan will face off in Alexandria.

Morgan didn't seem too keen on violence during the season finale -- and he literally walked in on Rick killing someone, with a look of horror on his face that spoke multitudes. Will the two of them clash when it comes to rule in Alexandria? Maybe!

2. Rick, Morgan and the Grimes Gang will face off, together, against the rest of Alexandria.

Tovah Feldshuh's Deanna and her cohorts are extremely prominent in the poster, and clearly set in opposition to the main members of the Grimes Gang. Will the Alexandria face-off we were totally expecting to happen in the season five finale happen at the beginning of next year instead?

I mean, it doesn't seem like Alexandria's internal politics could get much worse as of now -- and since Deanna gave Rick the go-ahead to do things his way, it's more likely that...

3. All of the Alexandrians will face off against a greater evil.

Those dudes that Morgan, Daryl and Aaron met on the road -- cohorts of Negan, maybe? -- will likely put Alexandria's crappy security system to the test in a far more brutal manner than even the Walkers ever could. Of any of these theories, I'd put my money on this one, kids.

4. Rick and Morgan will hook up.

Those are some sex eyes coming from Grimes and you know it.

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