Swizz Beatz On Chris Brown's New Song With Lil Wayne: 'He's Got Something To Prove'

'Transformer' is among 60-70 songs Swizz says Brown has recorded.

The O.D.: A Mixtape Daily Exclusive

Greetings, ladies and gents. Mixtape Daily is up a little later than usual today, but it's not our fault. They tried to Nas us -- just think of one of our favorite albums, Lost Tapes. But yeah, we got some great info for you today. We chopped it up with Swizz Beatz a few days ago right after Jay-Z and Alicia Keys (sans [article id="1621581"]Lil Mama[/article]) were rehearsing "Empire State of Mind" at Radio City Music Hall. Swizz dropped a few gems, but you only get a taste today. The super-producer says he just finished a new single for Chris Brown called "Transformer," and it features none other than Lil Wayne.

"He's got something to prove," Swizz says of working with Brown. "He worked on 60, 70 songs. He's just on fire. I told him, 'Listen, man, just stay focused on your music. They gonna throw shots at you. Time heals everything.' He has great support; his mother is amazing. I was really scoping out the situation, it could have been something I didn't want to be around, but I really got a great vibe. Honestly."

Swizz says Wayne is in vintage Louisianimal form on the track, tearing the beat down like a bulldozer.

"The Wayne part is just nothing to talk about," Swizz boasted. "He really showed his a-- on this one. It's probably the best feature verse since the 'It's Me [Bi---es]' remix. He really went in on the 'Transformer' joint."

Swizz promises that a video will go into production soon and that the record will hit even sooner.

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