Is Audrina And Justin Bobby's 'Hills' Friendship Completely Dunzo?

You know it's heading south when Drina asks, 'Why are you such a d*ck?'

It's never good to end a contentious conversation with "good luck" -- but during tonight's Hills: New Beginnings episode, Justin Bobby did just that to Audrina.


Yeah, we're light years away from that dinner date where they discussed how Audrina's ex wasn't the love of her life.

What spawned the sit-down? Drina was determined to break their old habits and was expecting change from the musician.

"I've been through a lot, to say the least, in the past year," she began at the meal. "And I'm not the same person I was 10 years ago, and being around this same crew again, it is a little annoying when people are constantly pushing us toward each other. It makes it harder to be friends, but at the same time..."

Justin immediately interrupted and retorted with the infamous festival "friends kiss goodbye" and how she told the gang about the gesture.

"For you to bring that up, do you know what it does for the group?" he asked. "It lets them feed off of it like savages."

Audrina clarified that she only told Stephanie, but he quickly veered back to their bond and questioned if he could be friends with her.

"I feel like you think like something else could be happening," he explained in a way only he can.

But Audrina offered up a non-filtered opinion of him.

"You're not that special," she told him. "Why do you think I always want to be with you? I've tried to make it very clear."

And that's when things took a not-so-great shift: Justin bringing up their recent trip to Vegas and how when they were out, she "started tugging at his belt."

"Why are you such a dick?" she asked. "I feel like I'm losing a friend, Justin -- you used to be there for me. You were."

Justin claimed their bond got "too f*cking heavy" and he didn't want to respond to her texts (some were about her ex and her divorce). With that, she uttered this unfortunate quote:

22 audrina justin

And he agreed.

While she was first to declare she was leaving, he actually jetted the premises first with a "good luck" on the way out.

These two will absolutely no doubt see each other "around," so is this friendship really kaput? Or will they salvage it, like they have in the past? Sound off, then keep watching this complicated Hills pair every Monday at 10/9c.

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