Lil Wayne Is Figuring Out The Key To Instagram: Pictures Of His Cute Kids

'Long hair don't kare,' just like daddy.

Lil Wayne was slightly late to the Instagram wave. He didn't join until March of this year, after all. So it's OK that he's still getting the hang of things.

His first picture was a bit odd, and it left us hoping for more from the @LilTunechi account. And so we gave him a few tips. Now, weeks after it all started, it looks like Weezy may -- slowly -- be hitting his stride.

One of our suggestions was to post photos of family dinners, and though he didn't follow that advice exactly, he did seem to realize that posting pictures of his cute kids is a win.

"Long hair don't kare!" Tune wrote along with the flick, which he posted on Tuesday. The two stars in this photo are Dwayne Carter III, on the right, and Neal Carter, on the left (I think, at least -- the little man is covering his face, after all).

A few weeks back, Wayne posted a picture of himself, Mannie Fresh, Mack Maine and Cortez Bryant, which was another example of the kind of behind-the-scenes moments that fans would love to see.

Wayne's still got some work to do, though. Beyond these, it's been mostly skateboard shots and videos -- not that there's anything wrong with that. It's just important to diversify.

And Weezy seems like he's on his way.

Remember: The more cute kids, the better.

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