Jessica Simpson Defends Her 'No Makeup' 'Marie Claire' Cover

'I absolutely was not wearing makeup,' Jessica Simpson asserts of photo.

Last week, the May issue of Marie Claire hit newsstands, proclaiming that cover girl Jessica Simpson was wearing no makeup and the photo hadn't been retouched. It certainly stood out against the hundreds of other magazine covers and glamour shots that the singer has posed for over the span of her career. But while she was hoping the photo it would empower women to embrace their natural beauty, it had some people wondering if she was really telling the truth.

"I absolutely was not wearing makeup," she asserted to MTV News Monday night on the red carpet for Good Housekeeping's 125th anniversary celebration. "If you look at the cover, you can tell my nose has been broken a couple times. It's a little [off]."

She said all you need to do to verify her words is compare that shot to ones of her on airbrushed on magazine covers. "If you look at a retouched cover of me, and if you look at the Marie Claire cover, you can see that there's a big difference," the [article id="1633979"]"Price of Beauty" star[/article] said. "And I really wanted to show women that I'm just a normal person. [Normally] when I take the pictures, I don't know what the magazine's going to do with it after that. I don't know what the photographer's gonna do with it after that. It was important for me to make sure that they did not retouch and I was not wearing makeup."

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