Justin Bieber Plays An Adorably Small Guitar In 'Changes'

He's one with nature

Justin Nature Bieber heads out to a soft environment in his new video for "Changes," the latest Apple Music-exclusive visual from his recently released album of the same name. Whether surrounded by straw-colored grass or sitting in front of a smoldering fire, Bieber's commitment to growth with a partner remains the oxygen fueling this relationship.

Bieber kicks off the video in front of a dying fire holding a guitar, singing the simple number about evolving through the good and the bad, in hopes of becoming a better half to his other. Clips of him walking through grass and admiring its greens, yellows, and browns, are juxtaposed with a chilly environment of white, grays, and icy blues. These two different moods are at odds with each other but melt into one with his warm vocals that ease the tension. Just as the atmosphere changes around him, so will he, too.

Changes, Bieber's first album in four years, came out on Valentine's Day. With 231,000 units sold in its first week, its success made Bieber the youngest person in history — beating out Elvis Presley — to have seven No. 1 albums on the Billboard Hot 200.

Recently, Bieber shared the first nature-themed video in this series, "E.T.A.," that featured him similarly praising the ground that he walks on.

Check out the preview of Bieber's land-loving video for "Changes" up above and then head on over to Apple Music to check it out.

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