B.o.B Made A Song About The World Being Flat -- And Used Neil DeGrasse Tyson's Voice

With a sprinkling of Holocaust denial.

Thanks to a near non-stop stream of tweets from late Sunday through Monday, B.o.B had people talking about him and, more specifically, his theory that the world is flat. His name was trending on Twitter and Facebook for much of the day and night, as he offered photos, diagrams and other explanations to back up his theory.

Now he's doubled down, dropping "Flatline," a track that touches on the claims and the blowback, and whose beat emits an air of impending alien invasion. The song closes with a sampled clip of astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, who responded to Bobby Ray on Monday in a series of tweets, refuting his "the world is flat" claims.

But it's not just the earth's shape that B.o.B is concerned with here. He also, in one line, encouraged listeners to, "Do your research on David Irving."

I'll save you the trouble, though: Irving is an infamous Holocaust denier.

What he was not, until now, was a fan for rap. However, Irving told The Fader that he "will now take a greater interest in American rap."

Congrats, B.o.B.

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