Lady Gaga's New Documentary Teaser Looks Like An 'American Horror Story' Episode

'Gaga: Five Foot Two' hits Netflix on September 22

Two weeks ago, Lady Gaga unleashed a few teasers for her upcoming Netflix documentary Five Foot Two via Instagram, and in them, Gaga showed off the most intimate, personal side of her: lamenting the loneliness she feels at the end of a hard day and sitting in pain at a doctor's office.

But those were just snippets. In the full teaser trailer, released Thursday (September 7), Gaga's life is more fully represented — and that means everything from trudging outside amid hundreds of fans and photographers to invading a Walmart to filming her "Perfect Illusion" music video in the desert, and pretty much everything else you can think of.

And, oh yeah, the frantic way it's edited together (and scored) here kind of makes Gaga's life resemble an episode of American Horror Story.

That should make sense, though, because part of the montage is indeed Gaga on the show's set, filming one of her appearances as the woodland witch Scathach. Maybe it's the way the string music flutters and clashes with the booming electronics in the background. Maybe it's the quick cuts or the shot of her struggling to ride a white horse. I don't know, man, but this shit had me anxious. I think that means the doc is probably gonna be pretty fascinating to watch.

Five Foot Two, which Gaga made with her friends Inez & Vinoodh and drømsjel and is directed by Chris Moukarbel and produced by Live Nation Productions, hits Netflix on September 22.