Here's Why Being A Disney Princess Would Royally Suck

Some day crushing the patriarchy will come...

Based on "Beauty and the Beast," "Cinderella," "The Little Mermaid," and every other Disney movie marketed to girls over the years sans "Frozen," you probably believe that marrying a prince and becoming a princess is the most surefire way to obtain a happily ever after, right?

Wrong, b--tches!

In her latest "Inside Amy Schumer" sketch, Amy (along with Tim Gunn) goes from peasant to royalty in a Disney-esque flash, only she manages to figure out faster than the rest that being in an arranged marriage to someone you can't stand might not be worth the singing birds and glittery heels.

Another Period

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Also amazing is that Schumer points out the icky fact that most Disney princesses are literally underage teenagers in their films, which is not okay in modern times by any extent of the imagination.

Find out all the other crap Amy had to deal with as a princess, then remember to get a job and learn how to support yourself, because the only prince you'll ever need is you.

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