Tom Holland Predicted His Role As Spider-Man Years Ago

Holland predicted his own career move

Playing Spider-Man is a role any actor would love to have. If you're Tom Holland, it's something you just will into existence, apparently.

Holland has always been a Spidey, but it looks like he basically predicted his own future playing the character, thanks to an interview from 2013 that's been making the rounds. Speaking to the press during the 2013 Empire Awards, he was asked what kind of superhero he would eventually want to play, with surprisingly accurate results.



"What kind of superhero would I want to play? Maybe Spider-Man in 10 years' time? The reboot of the reboot, if they made one. Yeah that would be cool," said Holland. If only he knew how crazy his prediction would be, and that he'd absolutely end up joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe as one of the movies' most beloved actors to play Spider-Man yet.

Just two years later, he ended up joining the cast of Captain America: Civil War in 2016, making his on-screen debut as the MCU's newest web-slinger. Oh, you sweet summer child. It's as if you had a plan for exactly where you wanted to be as an actor, and simply followed your heart. We can definitely respect that.

Poor Tom has been known for spoiling a few secrets from throughout the movies he's appeared in. Now that we know he's been out here predicting his own roles and telling the future, it's probably because he's clairvoyant. Let's give him a break, everyone. He can't help it that he's That's So Raven-ing it up now and then.

With that said, it's now time for us to do a little prediction for you. You will go see Spider-Man: Far From Home when it debuts on July 5. You will marvel over Spidey's marvelous new all-black Stealth Suit.