Dynamite Hack On Avoiding "Gangsta" Vid For "Boyz"

Fueled by the success of its slacker-ish N.W.A. cover, "Boyz-N-The Hood," Austin, Texas newcomers Dynamite Hack will crack the Top 100 of the new "Billboard" albums chart, landing at number 84 with its major label debut, "Superfast.

The undeniably alt-flavored cover has drawn the ire of some hip-hop artists, including former N.W.A. rapper MC Ren, although Dynamite Hack recently told MTV News that the group intentionally chose not to do a stereotypical, gangsta-styled video for "Boyz-N-The Hood.

"That was the coolest script that we got," explained Hack bassist Chad Robinson, "because all the other treatments we got had something to do with us being gangsters, and we were like, 'Nope, nope.' Anything that had things in quotes, like 'gangsta,' or 'there will be a carload of "hoochie mamas" that

will pull up next to

you, who will all be "getting their groove on," while Mark,' what was it, '"pimps his ride."'

'Camera zooms up to focus on Mark's gold tooth with the Izod symbol in it,'" added frontman Mark Morris of the video. "And we thought, this is [stupid], it's been done with The Offspring, pretty much. Then [director] Evan Bernard, he came back with, 'Don't do anything gangster, at all. Nothing gangster. It's all as white as you can be, like Ted Knight in "Caddyshack."' We said, 'Caddyshack?'

That's perfect," Robinson said. "Jeez.

That's what we [want]," Morris agreed, "so yeah, let's do it." [RealAudio]

Bernard struck a chord with the use of "Caddyshack" as his video treatment for Dynamite

Hack, as the band's name was inspired

from a line delivered by gopher-stalking golf-course groundskeeper Carl Spackler (played by Bill Murray) in the 1980 comedy classic.

"[The name came from] our old drummer," Robinson said, "who was our other roommate, and who now is our merchandise guy. He's like, 'I don't want to do drums, I'd rather sell your T-shirts, man.' He's our guru, Johnny Merch. So we were watching 'Caddyshack,' and he said, 'That'd be a cool band name, man,' and we were like, 'okay.'

That was how easy it came up, plus we love the movie, and when you hear it, not everyone's gonna go, 'Caddyshack' and 'Carl' and everything," he added, "so it's definitely not [a name] that ties you down to a movie every time you hear it.


when somebody does come up and says,

'Oh, "Caddyshack,"' then you go, 'Ha, ha, my brother,' you know, and you feel really good about it," Morris said, jokingly.

"You know that they've spent way too much time watching one movie over and over and over," Robinson concluded, "just like us." [RealAudio]

Dynamite Hack will play a homecoming show at the La Zona Rosa in Austin, Texas on Friday, followed by a headlining gig in Dallas on June 3.

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