Comic-Con: Chris Hemsworth Shares Joss Whedon's Fascination With Avengers Drama

Joss Whedon wants to show conflict between Captain America and Iron Man in "The Avengers," Chris Evans believes Whedon is "the guy for the job," and Chris Hemsworth sounds like he agrees with both of their perspectives. The actor will play The Mighty Thor on screen for director Kenneth Branagh before he moves on to "The Avengers," but he already has a history with Whedon and he's looking forward to what's in store. Asked if he's spoken with the man bringing Marvel's heroes together about his plans, Hemsworth acknowledged that the answer is yes.

"I have, yeah. I worked on '[The] Cabin in the Woods' with Joss," he told MTV News. "So I knew him from back then, and then had a chat to him about a month ago about 'The Avengers' and what he plans on doing, and it is incredibly impressive, you know, and exciting."

Hemsworth nodded that pulling the Avengers' group of egos together onto one team would be a significant issue when Whedon's story kicks into gear. He also made it clear that Thor doesn't like to get pushed around any more than his teammates do.

"I don't think he likes to be," the actor explained. "I don't think any of them do. I think that's what's so interesting."

Thor, of course, has the added benefit of wielding a giant hammer that discourages anyone gutsy enough to try and tell him what to do from getting uppity, whereas Cap and Tony Stark are a bit better matched for each other one on one. We've already seen Stark get violent with War Machine in "Iron Man 2." Just what kind of hero vs. hero face-offs await in "The Avengers" is likely known by a select few as of right now though.

Which characters would you like to see get into scuffles in "The Avengers"? Do you agree with Whedon and Hemsworth's perspectives? Let us know in the comment section or on Twitter!