Lady Gaga's New Perfume Is 'Ready For Sex'

And, yet, it smells like sparkling water?

Gather round, Little Monsters, 'cause I have some good news for you. Lady Gaga is releasing a new perfume and, well, it is "extremely sexy and arousing for all genders." After teasing an image shot by Steven Klein for Eau de Gaga on Instagram, Gaga has been answering fan questions on her Twitter and, um, I cannot wait to get a whiff of this. Gaga describes it better than I ever could, so below you'll find deets on the fragrance, in her own words.

It's Unisex

It's Only The First Eau De Gaga

It Smells Expensive

Oh, And It's Arousing For All Genders

That's all the 411 we have for now, but we will obviously keep our eyes peeled for more. We need to know when this sparkling-water-scented fragrance will be in our lives. We're hoping for, IDK, tomorrow.