Kim Petras Wants To Electrify Your Halloween With 'Turn Off The Light'

Behold, the soundtrack for the season of spookiness!

It's almost time to don plastic masks and cover fake machetes in ketchup — the night of candy corn and cheap jump scares is almost here. Just in time for October's festivities, Kim Petras has released the full version of her Halloween-themed project, Turn Off the Light. She dropped the first volume of the body of work last October, and now she's added nine new tracks to formulate the definitive soundtrack for the haunting holiday.

Prepare to walk through a cartoonish graveyard after the fog settles in on Turn Off the Light, because it's every bit as shockingly scary as you can imagine. There's the doom-singing "There Will Be Blood," an electrifying slice of Petras singing about your demise. Then there's "Bloody Valentine" with its awesome midnight funk that could get even Frankenstein onto the dance floor. "O m e n" is cheery and sinister and sounds like the excitement that vampires get as they stare at exposed necks in the middle of the club.

And then there's the groovy "Boo! Bitch!" that demands your body roll with its phrenetic funk. Petras lets each song build like the dread that follows a tense tracking shot of a slasher-film chase. Somehow, she's managed to exorcise the spirit of Halloween out of her sharp brand of funky pop music.

Petras is also set to head out on the next leg of the Clarity tour in support of her debut studio album that dropped in June. Listen to Petras's spooky new project up above.

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