Limp Bizkit Add Rap To 'Mission: Impossible II' Theme

New song, 'Take a Look Around (M:I-2 Theme)' will appear on film soundtrack.

Rap-rockers Limp Bizkit add lyrics and a hip-hop beat to the famous "Mission: Impossible" theme on the new song "Take a Look Around (M:I-2 Theme)," which is part of the soundtrack to the upcoming movie "Mission: Impossible 2."

The song is available as a free download in Windows Media Player and Liquid Audio formats on the Web site.

The "Mission Impossible 2" soundtrack also includes new songs from rock acts Metallica, Foo Fighters, Chris Cornell and Godsmack.

Metallica's track, "I Disappear," is the first song written by the band for a movie.

Foo Fighters, meanwhile, teamed with former Queen guitarist Brian May to record a cover of the Pink Floyd song "Have A Cigar."

The album, due May 9, also includes tracks from the Butthole Surfers and Tori Amos.

The 1996 soundtrack to the original "Mission: Impossible" movie — based on the '60s TV show — included a techno-influenced reworking of the theme song by U2's rhythm section.

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