Mega Man Finally Confronts His Crappy NES Box Art Doppelganger


Video game characters are like all celebrities, meaning some of them have skeletons in the closet. Though no one in this category is as full as Mega Man's.

From the cancellation of Legend 3, to that PSP port of the very first game with the somewhat racist boss, the list is long. But at the very top has to be box art for the aforementioned NES debut, which many firmly believe to be the worst cover of all time.

Who the heck is that guy and what business does he have, parading around as Mega Man? It doesn't matter, because at long last, the real thing is finally here to get the answers we've all been asking for. Maybe.

No, it's not some cross over being engineered by Capcom, especially since they've made it loud and clear that they're done with their once former mascot. It's Archie Comics, publisher of the official Mega Man comic. The above is the variant cover, to issue #33.

According to Destructoid, the image above is just that, an image. There's no actual head to head in the actual issue, unfortunately.

Oh well… maybe someday? Also, it's nice of Archie's artists to make box art Mega Man look somewhat respectful. Far more so than the makers of Street Fighter X Tekken with their take on the guy.

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