Kick-Ass Chick Of The Week: Teen Girl Makes Autistic Friend's Prom A Night To Remember

Among the mighty feats that MTV's "Girl Code" accomplishes is empowering its viewers to laugh off their insecurities and embrace their inner superstar. There's a kick-ass chick in all of us, so each week, we're shining the spotlight on one newsworthy woman who deserves a standing ovation. And some cake. Cake is good. Take a look at our latest pick!

Maddie and John are prom perfect!

From trying to find the perfect date to the perfect dress, prom night is both an exciting and stressful time for most teens, but Maddie isn't your ordinary teen. She knew exactly how to make her prom the best night ever: by inviting her autistic friend, Jon, and planning an evening he'd treasure forever.

Jon's father shared the story on the Asperger Syndrome Awareness Facebook page, writing that once he gave Maddie the go-ahead to ask his son to the dance, and Jon said yes, himself, she went all out to make the experience extra special. Not only did she pick out a dress in Jon's favorite color (how cute do they look in their matching outfits?), she also took him to a restaurant that served his favorite foods before the dance. The way to a man's heart is through his stomach, after all!

The pair, who met through a group that matches teens with special needs students, may have become pals through unconventional means, but Maddie's motives for taking Jon to the dance were traditional. "It's his prom too," she said. "I just think he should have the chance to go." Sometimes it's the simple kindnesses that go the longest way.

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Photo: Facebook