Watch Colin Farrell Pretend To Ride A Flying Horse

Find out how the 'Winter's Tale' filmmakers made a horse fly.

Here's the thing about wings: It takes more than energy drinks to get them. So for this weekend's romantic flick "Winter's Tale," when the production team needed to rustle up a winged horse key to the story's plot, they needed something a little stronger than Red Bull to get the job done.

Director Akiva Goldsman explained how he managed to get stars Colin Farrell and Jennifer Connelly flying high over New York City in a recent interview with MTV News.

"First we had to try to cast a winged horse. It turns out there aren't that many, which is so disappointing," he said. "What we ended up with, it's called a giant green buck. Buck has nothing to do with being a deer. It's a giant green pillow on hinges that go up and down, back and forth."

Connelly, who described the shoot location as "a parking lot in Yonkers," said that acting like she was astride the mystical creature was a stretch.

"Colin and I were basically straddling, like, a metal barrel on a big hinge while men with snacks watched us sort of pretend we were floating over New York City," she said. "It was embarrassing."

Farrell, who also rode a horse in this year's "Saving Mr. Banks," admitted that the magical aspects of the plot were something of a stretch for him as well.

"What experience do I have with flying equine?" he mused. "None."

"Winter's Tale," starring Colin Farrell, Jessica Brown Findlay and Russell Crowe, hits theaters today.

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