Pregnant Snooki Calls Herself ‘Large And In Charge’

Baby bump status check!

Nicole Polizzi posted baby bump selfie No. 732* to Instagram last night, and absolutely nailed the majority of her preggers photography musts. Side view? Check. Form-fitting outfit? Yup. Perfect posture? Nailed it. Smile? Obvi. AM snapshot? Can't win 'em all.

Snooki's Instagram


Yet, while we love the pic (those leggings are everything), the caption leaves us a bit...well, baffled. "Babygirl is taking over! #largeandincharge," it reads. In charge? DEFINITELY. Snooki hasn't authored multiple novels, designed a fashion line and starred on a handful of hit reality TV shows because she's a wallflower. (The guidette also isn't afraid to discipline lil' Lorenzo or call out her feisty bestie, Jenni Farley.) BUT LARGE?! Hardly! When she's not busy taking over the world or running her leopard-print empire, the 4'9" mom is working out, being a devoted fiancée, making red carpet appearances in stilettos and chasing around an adorable one-year-old.

If anything, Snooki's bump is borderline mid-sized. And at just six months along, the wee wombmate has still got some major growing to do!

Keep the selfies coming, mama! We're suckers for mini-meatball updates.

* Seaside Heights area code, anyone? Forgive our corny pun, but it's basically summer, and we're jonesin' for some shore time STAT.

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