Emma Watson Almost Got Run Over By A Horse While Making 'Beauty And The Beast'

Actors suffer for their art, ya know?

Poor Emma Watson. In addition to being pelted in the face with a snowball, the Harry Potter alum was nearly toppled by a rogue horse on the set of her new movie Beauty and the Beast. That's according to Josh Gad, who plays LeFou in the highly anticipated Disney film.

Gad confessed on The Tonight Show Tuesday (March 14) that his horse was not having anyone's shit during the whole shoot. "His name was 'Buddy,' which is a misnomer 'cause he's a bastard," Gad joked, admitting Buddy threw Gad off of him on the very first day. And it didn't end there.

Gad also described how his costar Luke Evans's horse did exactly what he was supposed to do — meanwhile, Buddy decided to charge through the "town," nearly toppling Watson. "Everybody's like, 'NO, HERMIONE, NOOOOOOO!'" Gad screamed. And that's how we almost lost Belle before the Beast ever even got his paws on her. Check out the hilarious clip above.