Party Foul: Did 'Young And Pregnant''s Stephan Go Too Far At Izaiah's Birthday Bash?

Kayla’s ex got a lil' upset. Okay, a lot upset

We’ve seen many sides of Stephan thus far on Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant: his angry side, his softie side and his fatherly side. But on this week’s installments, his jealous side came out when he learned that his ex Kayla was dating someone new -- and unfortunately, the drama escalated at Baby Izaiah’s first birthday party.

Stephan found out via social media that Kayla and Luke, who met in college, had made it official, and he was upset to see photos of his son “hugging up” on Luke. So he blocked Kayla on all platforms in an attempt to “avoid conflict” and even debated not going to Izaiah’s birthday party to avoid confrontation.

But after some urging from his mom (and Kayla, once he unblocked her number), Stephan showed up to Izaiah’s party. Unfortunately, he got angry that Luke was helping to set up and stayed outside the whole time, badmouthing Kayla as he FaceTimed his mother (all while holding Izaiah in his arms).

“My blood is boiling, Ma. I’m disgusted,” he said.

Kayla then joined Stephan and told him to settle down, but he only got more agitated, telling Kayla not to come crying to him when Luke cheats on her and that she had him “convinced that we could be a family.” He eventually gave her the baby and left.


Did Stephan have a right to be upset about Luke being in Izaiah’s life? Or did he take things too far by causing drama at the birthday party? Tell us what you’re thinking, then watch next Monday at 10/9c for more Young and Pregnant.

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