Watch Mark Ruffalo And Scarlett Johansson’s Sexism-Busting ‘Avengers’ Interview

'Mark, what are you wearing on the red carpet this evening?'

Even women who act in big-name superhero blockbusters tend to get asked boring, sexist questions in interviews while their male co-stars dish on all the action. But Cosmopolitan UK recently flipped the script, conducting a gender-bending interview with Mark Ruffalo and Scarlett Johansson ahead of their new movie, "The Avengers: Age of Ultron."

Cosmo decided to throw a few curveballs at Ruffalo, asking him what he was planning on wearing to the red carpet and if he had any skincare tips for removing all that green makeup once he's done playing the Hulk. Johansson, on the other hand, got to chat about riding motorcycles and hand-to-hand combat in her role as Black Widow.

Both actors seemed to enjoy trying on the other gender role for a change, with Johansson looking particularly amused as Ruffalo embraced his "feminine side." Check out the stereotype-destroying interview below.

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