'Moonlight'’s Trevante Rhodes Coyly Addresses Those Green Lantern Rumors

That sly smile speaks for itself

Trevante Rhodes is in high demand right now, for obvious reasons. His film Moonlight just took home the Oscar for Best Picture, and he's the face — and bod — of Calvin Klein Underwear's spring 2017 collection (an honor he shares with his Moonlight costars). It's honestly impossible to look at this photo of Rhodes and not imagine those muscles in superhero spandex. But the real question is which cinematic universe is going to snatch him up first, Marvel or DC?

Since Warner Bros. recently confirmed their plans for a Green Lantern Corps movie starring original Green Lantern Hal Jordan and his fellow space cop John Stewart, the Moonlight star's name has been in every fan-casting on the internet for the coveted role of Stewart. As DC's first African-American superhero, the character has been a longtime fan favorite in the DC Comics universe. Rhodes's transcendent performance in Moonlight, as a young man grappling with his own identity, surely put him on the studio's radar — a fact Rhodes may or may not have confirmed in conversation with MTV News correspondent Josh Horowitz on the Oscars red carpet Sunday night (February 26).

"That is something that's really enticing, but more so because it puts my face in front of more people, who will want to [then] come and see a movie, like Moonlight, that I really care about," Rhodes, 27, told MTV News about the prospect of joining a superhero franchise.

When asked if he'd heard anything about the possibility of playing Green Lantern, the actor grinned and coyly — very, very coyly — responded, "I don't know."

That sly smile speaks for itself.

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