Nate Dogg Arrested On Charges Of Arson, Assaulting Girlfriend

Vocalist posts $1 million bail after confrontation with Los Angeles County SWAT team.

Nate Dogg, a vocalist who

brought g-funk harmonies to West Coast gangsta rap, was arrested

Saturday on suspicion of kidnapping, abusing and making terrorist

threats against his 26-year-old girlfriend, as well as burning her car.

The incident, which ended with a confrontation with the Los Angeles

County SWAT team, was one of two recent situations in which

members of the Up in Smoke rap tour tangled with police.

One day earlier, a passenger on a tour bus, reportedly belonging to

rapper Snoop Dogg, was

cited for marijuana possession by border-patrol officers in Temecula,

Calif. Authorities did not cite the rapper, who was not on the bus,

according to Sgt. Perri Feinstein-Portales of the Riverside County

Sheriff's Department.

Nate Dogg (born Nathaniel Dwayne Hale) was released Sunday

night after posting $1 million in bail, according to Los Angeles

County Sheriff's Department spokesperson Deputy Rick Martinez.

Monday afternoon, a spokesperson for the Los Angeles District

Attorney's Office, who asked not to be named, said no information

was available about a court date for Nate Dogg.

The 30-year-old has been performing with his cousin Snoop Dogg

and associate Dr. Dre on the

Up in Smoke tour.

A publicist at MSO, which handles press for the tour, declined to

comment. The series is scheduled to stop Monday (June 19) in San


Judges often ask suspects in such cases to remain within the county,

so it's possible that Nate Dogg will be prohibited from traveling with

the rappers, Martinez said.

According to police and newspaper reports, the charges stem from a

confrontation between Nate Dogg and his girlfriend, whose name

has been withheld by police.

Police say that at about 2 a.m. Saturday, Nate Dogg kidnapped the

woman from a Lakewood, Calif., residence and drove her to another

residence in downtown Los Angeles, according to Lt. Joe

Impellizero from the Lakewood station of the Los Angeles County

Sheriff's Department.

During that trip, the couple quarreled and the singer threatened to burn the woman's mother's house, said Impellizero. Later Saturday morning, the woman, 26, contacted police from a Los Angeles house. Police found her car burned outside of her mother's house.

Saturday morning, a SWAT team coaxed Nate Dogg from his house

in a posh Pomona, Calif., neighborhood. The rapper surrendered to

police without incident, Impellizero said.

The Ontario, Calif., Inland Valley Daily Bulletin reported that

Nate Dogg allegedly beat the woman and used a gun to kidnap her.

The newspaper also reported that the woman has an emergency

restraining order against Nate Dogg.

Those and other details surrounding the incident are unclear,

Impellizero said. "That aspect is a little muddied," he said.

The woman also gave police conflicting versions of her ordeal,

Impellizero said.

She told an ABC affiliate TV station that she recently broke up with

Nate Dogg after a seven-year relationship, the Daily Bulletin


"I knew that the day that he actually realized it was over, that he was

gonna hurt me," the woman told the TV station.

The Up in Smoke tour, billed as an

color="#003163">N.W.A reunion, features many artists

who are relatives or close friends of Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg. The

lineup includes former N.W.A members

color="#003163">Ice Cube and

color="#003163">M.C. Ren, Snoop collaborator

Xzibit, Dr. Dre's half-brother

Warren G and Dr. Dre



Nate Dogg has appeared on several West Coast rap hits, including

"Regulate" (


XXXXXX%2F3145233642000a01.ra">RealAudio excerpt)

from Warren G's 1994 album Regulate ... G Funk Era and "All

Bout U" from Tupac Shakur's

1996 album All Eyez on Me. The Los Angeles native's solo

recording, G-Funk Classics, Vol. 1 &2, was released in 1998.

"Xxplosive" (RealAudio excerpt), a cut from Dr. Dre's Dr. Dre 2001 that features Hitman, Kurupt, Nate Dogg and

color="#003163">Six-Two, was at #57 last week on Billboard's Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks chart.

During the border patrol incident Friday, Guillermo Stopani was arrested 85 miles outside

Los Angeles and was issued a citation. He admitted that the 300 grams of marijuana the

border patrol discovered during a routine search belonged to him, Portales said.

The Nate Dogg and tour bus incidents are the latest in a spate of

legal problems for artists on the tour.

Eminem must routinely check in with Michigan authorities because

he is awaiting trial for two unrelated incidents.

On June 4, police say the rapper pistol-whipped a man who kissed

his wife outside a suburban Detroit bar. The Motor City rapper (born

Marshall Bruce Mathers III) also faces weapons charges linked to an

argument he had hours earlier with an associate of a rival rap group. Eminem's second major-label album, The Marshall Mathers LP, sold 1.76 million copies in its first week, a first for a solo artist

and a rapper.

(Correspondent Rhonda Baraka contributed to this report.)