'Fuller House' Threw Major Shade At Mary-Kate And Ashley Olsen In The First Episode

Creator Jeff Franklin breaks down that MK+A joke.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen broke a lot of hearts when they opted not to reprise their shared role as Michelle Tanner on Fuller House. But it's creator Jeff Franklin who gets the last laugh.

In the very first episode of the Netflix series, Stephanie asks about the whereabouts of her little sis, and Danny responds with one of the episode's best zingers. "Well, Michelle sends her love," he says, "But she's busy in New York, running her fashion empire."

Cue the epic moment when the entire cast turns toward the studio audience and affects a mock frown for the cameras. They break the fourth wall to shade the Olsens.

fuller house shade 2

The decision to shade MK+A in the first episode was easy. Franklin knew he had to address the awkward situation. However, finding the appropriate gag was slightly more challenging -- after all, he wanted the moment to be playful, not hurtful.

"We had a bunch of options on how to handle that moment," Franklin told MTV News. "And that was by far the funniest and the most unexpected, so that's what we went with. It made me laugh really hard. I love that joke. I hope the Olsen twins love it too because it's meant to be a playful moment."

The joke was not only well-received by the cast and crew, but it also elicited a staggering reaction from the show's live studio audience. In fact, the laughter was so boisterous that the cast had to do several takes before director Mark Cendrowski got a take he could use.

"The take that's in the show is the third take," Franklin said. "There's no cutaways, so the first two takes the laugh went on for three or four minutes. It just kept going and going -- we couldn't use it. So we had to go back and do it again because we couldn't continue the episode until the audience calmed down. We spent a lot of time on that scene."

While there won't be anymore breaking the fourth wall, fans can expect at least one more Olsen twins joke that appears later in the season.

"In a later episode we do another joke about the Olsen twins, not Michelle," he said. "It's very meta. Every now and then we have fun with the world that surrounds Full House and Fuller House. We never did that back in the old days."

Fuller House is currently streaming on Netflix.